Use Car Coolers to Keep Chilled on the Road

If being on the road finds you often “overheated,” try using a Car Cooler to cool things down. You can use car coolers for everyday travel, in fact. Unlike conventional coolers, which can render cold drinks hot and hot drinks cold, a car cooler can really deliver what it promises.

What Do You Use Car Coolers for?

Car coolers can make travel much more convenient. Small babies or children especially can be difficult to travel with, and a car cooler can make bottles stay warm and snacks stay cold when necessary. These coolers don’t use ice, either, but instead use your car’s cigarette lighter for power. That means there’s no mess of melting ice. What you have is a portable fridge that’s convenient, streamlined, and neat. These can have amenities like insulated cup holders and room for dry items, too, meaning that you can use them for any type of storage — even for wipes and diapers if necessary.

If you drive a van, this type of cooler can be convenient, because cold drinks and snacks can be there when you need them. No need to stop for meals on the road or to do the “drive-through” unhealthy option. Stay on the road, get more done, and be more efficient. If you have a little car, a car cooler will give you much more storage space. Car coolers can give you lots of advantages, so why go on the road without one? portable keg cooler

Brands and Features

Igloo 2707 Kool Cruiser holds a maximum load of 18 quarts and is tall enough to take on up to 3 liter bottles. The little wonder is lightweight yet cools up to 40°F below outdoor temperature and operates quietly. The lightweight grey-white cooler boasts of a replaceable thermoelectric lid. The unit comes with a 12 VDC power. This can be adjusted to cool/warm function. The problem with this cooler is the need to frequently replace the motor.

The Koolatron challenges the Igloo line of travel coolers. It does not need frequent motor replacements. But the lid starts to show signs of chipping with the constant opening and closing of the cooler. This is not a problem if the cooler is not used frequently. The Koolatron is hooked to the car’s 12 volt cigarette lighter adapter. But in some vehicles, this can cause overheating, similar to the Igloo traveling cooler. Kolatroon keeps a cool temperature at 40° F.

The Wagan EL 2577 7-liter fridge/warmer is next in line, with both drinks and food kept at perfect temperatures. No ice needed to keep food and snacks at the perfect temperature, so you can have more room for actual food and drink. This is perfect for families who are on the go all the time.

How to Choose Your Cooler

With a long road trip ahead, whether you’ve got little ones with you or not, car coolers can make things much easier. Instead of stopping often for food or making unhealthy and expensive “drive-through” fast food choices, you can stay on the road and save your money. A hard cooler is best for long trips.


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