Funny Cartoons and Reasons For Reading Them

Cartoons allow us to use emotions to portray opinions in a way that  most people can understand. They represent our existence, our life which could be hilarious or more serious. 4anime

We seldom associate cartoons with our childhood, with funny situations and this gives us hope and helps us overcome life’s difficulties. Cartoons communicate messages in a way that simple words and images cannot.

It is well known that the primary reason for drawing cartoons is to make people laugh. Serious situations can be made hilarious; politicians can be made to look ridiculous.

Funny cartoons are meant to persuade the viewer to feel a certain way about an issue or event. To do this, a successful funny cartoon clearly expresses the artist’s opinion on a current satirical issue or event through creative use of artistic elements such as line and shape while including enough detail to explain the current funny context.

Funny cartoons can also show emotion in a way that purely written editorials cannot. When politicians lie, interfere with the scientific process, or make decisions that harm our health or environment, it is necessary in a democracy for citizens to ask for better.

When illusion and caricature meet, we have a cartoon, in a funny situation no matter what it is. We often talk about therapy through laughter. Funny cartoons can really help, one can see life differently. Their degree of influence is more and more important. People collect them because they make them happy and they make them smile and think daily.

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