Does Your Home Need Concrete Waterproofing?

Many areas of your home can benefit from concrete waterproofing. If you have a concrete deck, patio or driveway, many waterproofing methods can extend their life and beauty. Many people have problems with leaky and wet basements. After you have taken steps to locate the leakage problem and hire a contractor, you may additionally consider waterproofing your concrete basement floor. If a concrete surface is subjected to prolonged exposure to water, it is likely that expensive and time-consuming damage will result.

Most contractors today understand the important of waterproofing a home. Waterproofing from the beginning of the home’s construction can save money, damage and frustration in the future. Leaving a concrete area untreated leaves room for water seepage. The natural settling of the house over time will undoubtedly cause cracks and crevices in many concrete areas. These cracks give way to a host of problems caused by water pooling. basement waterproofing nj

When hiring a concrete waterproofing professional, make sure they understand that you want waterproofing rather than damp proofing. It is a common misconception that waterproofing and damp proofing are one-in-the same. Unlike damp proofing, concrete waterproofing can seal and prevent further cracking and can withstand extreme variants in temperature. Taking the appropriate measures to ensure your home’s value and your piece of mind is essential.

In order for concrete waterproofing to be successful, other measures must be taken. Simply applying a waterproofing product to your concrete may not be enough. If you have neglected to repair any sources of leaks or seepage, especially in a basement, the concrete waterproof product may be very short-lived. If the leakage problems are because of drainage or landscape issues with your home, you may want to consider purchasing and installing a sump pump. The sump pump consistently drains excess water and is a great tool for keeping your basement dry.

The National Association of Waterproofing and Structural Repair Contractors (NAWSRC) recommends hiring a professional for a concrete waterproofing project. While products are available for do-it-yourselfers, you may not know about the best product for your particular job, and without experience, you may not achieve the results you want. The NAWSRC’s website has an extensive amount of literature and frequently asked questions. The mission of this consumer-oriented organization is to provide a wealth of accurate information and advice. They can even help you locate a contractor in your area.



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